Unity Statement

The Drive For Profit …

…damages human health, making work unsafe and stressful, shredding social safety nets and destroying the environment. While a small elite accumulate immense wealth, ordinary people work harder and longer for less and get sicker in the process.

As health workers, we are committed to human health. We don’t want to manage the misery created by this profit-driven system. We want people’s needs to come first.

Why International

The forces that promote profit-at-any-price operate internationally so that health workers in different nations find themselves facing similar conditions. To counter their divide-and-rule strategies, we must also organize globally.

Who We Are

We welcome all who work in the mental and physical health industry, regardless of type of work, job description or location of work, employed and unemployed, students and retired, union and non-union. We welcome all nations, races, religions and political persuasion.

What We Do

We began organizing in October, 2007. We share information and support each other’s efforts to meet human needs in a for-profit system. The network we are building today – across disciplines, nations, cultures – will be the foundation of tomorrow’s solidarity actions to demand better services for patients, better working conditions for ourselves and a much healthier world for all.

Unity Statement (Spanish Translation) – PDF

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