Migraine is more than having bad headache

According to the latest survey those who have migraine live half of the month in pain. It is a debilitating neurological disease which is often misunderstood as they might not be suffering with the same symptoms. Almost 91% of them who have migraine have said that they don’t have complete idea about the issue and how severe the disease is. Migraine is the recurrent episodes of severe and unmanageable headaches which can also be accompanied by several other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to sound and light and certain level of changes in their vision. 

When the survey was done, it has been noted that those who have severe migraine rated the pain to be the worst one which is several times higher than the pain which might be associated with broken bones and kidney stones. About 36 million Americans are suffering from migraine out of which maximum is women. Women are 3 times more affected by migraine when compared to men. When a survey has been made it was found that social, physical and economic impacts had a greater impact over migraine. Those who were diagnosed with migraine experienced an average of 15.4 days during which they didn’t experience any pain over the earlier 30days. And they have also said that during the same period they were unable to do what they actually wanted to do for a week due to migraine symptoms. It may include low productive work days, altered ability of making plans and less time which has been spent interacting with their children.

Aurora said that people don’t even know how the disease shows great impact on them. He also said that when patients come to him, he asks them how many migraine headache days did they face and they would literally stop and think about it as they were not able to keep track of it. Sometimes migraine can have a negative impact over the non sufferers as well. It’s like 90% of the caretakers and survey family members of migraine patients feel sorry and helpless as they are unable to help their loved ones. They wish their family members who have migraines would have got better treatment and care for the kind of symptoms which they have. 

The rate of pain and symptoms of migraine may vary from one person to another and not everyone who has migraine will have similar issues. The Americas biopharmaceutical researchers are working their best to reveal the underlying drivers that are causing migraine. They want to bring a new aspect of treatment options for people who are suffering from migraine. As there are several scientists who keep exploring and experimenting to create a good drug and treatments for patients of various diseases, there is a great hope for migraine patients. There are higher chances for the patients to overcome migraine and lead a normal life when they are able to get the perfectly suitable treatment program according to your symptoms. 

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