Is it possible to afford the medicine of new era?

Now we have the ability to attack the disease at its molecular level and had developed various treatments according to the person’s distinct genetic makeup. Rather than the radiation or chemotherapy for treating cancer it will definitely be amazing to have personalized cancer treatment according to the patient’s condition. America’s biopharmaceutical companies research and achieved everything that was once just an idea. The main aim or goal is to get advanced in public health benefits like increasing the cost saving from informed as well as appropriate reimbursement decisions and coverage. 

This will allow patients to get more timely access to cutting-edge medical technologies. In this new era, we wish to take down complex conditions that the humans have been facing. There are around 7000 medicines that are under development globally, biopharmaceutical companies are investing heavily in order to create the suitable and right treatments for Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, different types of cancers and several other rare diseases. And it’s really great to see how the lives of patients have been transformed since then. 

Meanwhile the costs of medicines are growing at a slower rate when compared to the earlier years due to the negotiation by robust and the severe competition which is there in the market. The prices of brand medicine have been increased just by 1.9 % last year while the total spending over the medicines increased by 0.6%. And still these aren’t been shared with the actual patients and rather are asked to pay more. This is the reason why America’s biopharmaceutical companies are working hard with the policy makers in order to provide and deliver advanced solutions which help in promoting competition, development process, modernize the discovery of new drugs, improving the affordability of obtaining an insurance and to move for a system which can actually prioritize patients results than anything else. 

Through the new era of medicine, it can now be possible to make the medicines available for the common man for an affordable price so that they can now lead a safe life while buying the right medicine for a reasonable price. The awareness should come from everyone and this will lead to the innovation of new medicines that public are in need of while making the health care coverage policies for the patients affordable as never before. 

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